Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Other Half, Text, & Swirly Cheetah

Tonight I started a new Bible study at church. It is "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge. I am really looking forward to this study. I know it is designed for a man's Bible study, but how great is it that we women want to learn more about our other half! It shall be interesting to say the least!!

I have been working on the Builder all week. We upgraded our program at work to Publisher 2007. So far, it has a lot of new things in it that I am excited to learn about. It seems to be closer to two other publishing programs that I have used in the past. That is good. The bad part is that it has been frustrating learning the upgraded program in the middle of doing the Builder. I have had no time to play in the program to figure everything out. I have had some difficultly with importing and editing text. I am starting to think it is just a setting that is off. Figuring it out will be the hardest part. Surely they would not have made it this hard to handle text. When importing text, each sentence comes in in its own text box inside a big text box. I can not just highlight, copy, and paste like before. Strange! I will figure it out. Just not before the end of this Builder!!

When Mana got home from school, I took a break from working and took some pictures of her. I took some the other day also. Mana wants to be in another pageant so I am trying new ways of curling and setting her hair. We would like her hair down next time. The problem is that the curls fall out so fast. Mana wanted me to paint some swirls on her face to go with her cheetah dress last time. They were cute pictures, but I wish she didn't have the swirly design.

Pictures of the day....
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SavannaLea said...

AQUANET!!! =) One of my best friends is big in the pageant world with her daughter and getting others ready, I will ask her what she uses and let you know. BTW, Mana is really photogenic...