Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keeping my Right Arm!!!

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I think I am completely done with all the sickness except for the tired part! I went and worked out today. That workout was hard! I did come away from it with some feeling of accomplishment! I weighed in and I did lose almost 2 pounds this past week!!! So that means, (if I remember my weigh in weight correctly) that I have lost 7 pounds!!! Jamie, so far I get to keep my right arm!!! This might not seem like a big deal to anyone, but I actually walked on the treadmill with out holding on today! That is just scary to me! I feel like I am going to fall off and bust my head repeatedly! I also did 40 sit ups and touched my toes on the exercise ball. Most of the time I do not make it to my toes. It is so sad! I worked really hard today and I am just a little bit proud of myself! Just a tiny bit!!!!!

Mana and I went for the last fitting of her pageant dress. Ms. Kathy did a marvelous job. I can not wait to see Mana in the pageant! It is Friday the 20th!!

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