Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Two New Visitors

We have two cute dogs running around the neighborhood now. I am one that is all for people making sure their dogs are in a fence. I am not a fan of dogs running around outside their own yard. I did not go outside when these two dogs were in our yard for a couple of days because I did not know them. I had to take the trash out last Friday morning before the garbage truck came by. They were in the yard. I had to go out. I did and they started running up to me. The darker one likes to jump up on you some. The lighter one whines at you to pet it. Now, every time I walk out my door or get out of the car, they are right there. The first couple of times they scared me. I would be walking down my front steps to the driveway and I would hear a rustling in the bushes and I would turn around and they would be running at me full out. Now I expect it. They are sweet puppies. I figured that I better get use to them so when they are bigger I will not be scared of them. Mana just loves them. She wants a puppy so bad. I always say no. I do not need anything else to take care of. I have had some of my friends threaten (Atleast that is what I call it) to get Mana a dog. Heidi gave Mana a stuffed dog for Christmas since I said no to a real one. Keeping Heidi's puppy started all this!! :) Now she has two she can play with after school. They come visit as soon as we arrive home.

Pictures of the day....
"Our Two New Visitors" "Mana Petting the Puppies"


Chris Barnette said...

Cute pups..I think our Roxy is getting ready to have another litter here in a couple of weeks..I'll have Heidi give you a call when you can come over and pick one up ;-) Just kiddin..

The Strings said...

Ha! Ha! Thanks, but no thanks!!