Saturday, February 7, 2009

Filling that Lonely Place

I met a group of friends last night for a movie and dinner. I know this group of women from my church. This was my first time going out with this particular group. I know of all of them. I have some connections with two in the group. They all are connected together from the Youth and College and Career Ministries. Being that I have a nine year old, I do not hang out with this group much. Really, not at all. I was glad that I got invited. Overall, I felt a little nervous for the beginning. I even went as far as to ask if I could invite a few of my other friends. (ones I know I can talk to - none of them came) I am socially challenged in the communication department. If you follow my blog or know me, you know that I do not go into conversations easily. In fact, I do alright with a one on one conversation after I know you. Throw another person in there and I do not talk. I feel like I am ease dropping on their conversation and I don't seem to get a word in. If I do, I usually feel awkward about it. As soon as I met these ladies last night, I felt comfortable. Jamie and Kara are great wranglers of conversation. They will talk and include everyone in their conversation. They have a great way of making people like me feel included. I did not talk much at all, but I did not feel awkward either.

We went to see "He's Just Not That Into You". It was a great movie. I did not relate to the ladies in the movie that much because I did not do a lot of dating. I did not sit by the phone and wonder if he would call. I only did that one time in my lifetime and he did call. Which I was surprised since this particular guy had my number in his memory and not written down. We met at a concert. Plus he was from out of town. I just knew he was not calling. The few other guys I dated, I was friends with first (Including my wonderful husband!). They were already calling. Anyway, I did relate to these ladies in other terms. I do this with my friends. Because I am so challenged conversationally, I do feel a little lonely at times being a stay-at-home mom. I will not put myself out there. All my friends work. Even the stay-at-home one. My husband works a lot. I really rely on my friends for Adult conversation. I am a little needy in that area. I love all my friends. God has sent me some wonderful friends, through out all my life. But He is really wanting me to let Him fill that lonely place in my heart that I keep trying to turn to my friends for. So as I call my friends repeatedly, sit by the phone wondering why they are not calling me, and keep checking my blog for comments, I should be getting more in His word and letting Him be my companion.


A Small Look into the Life of Me said...

I am glad that we all got to go out last night! It is fun getting to know you better! I used to feel the same way about conversation and jumping in.. just because it takes me a little while to feel comfortable. I guess what helped me was just hanging out and getting to know everyone better! I have really enjoyed getting to know you better in what little time we have spent together! See you at church tommorrow!

Samantha said...

It was a lot of fun! It's definitely nice to have some estrogen-filled girl time every once in a while.

Jamie said...

Kara and I have never been called "wranglers!" I like that! I always think I'm just dominant, but I know for me it's because I feel like silence is a negative.

We had such fun - thank you for being a part of that!