Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Gas Leak, Sleep & a Dress

The Gas Company has been working on the gas line up the street from my house for a week now. The smell of gas has been bad. I did not think to much about it, since I knew they were working on it. I figured that the whole neighborhood smelled like gas. My neighbor, up the road, came over for me to take some pictures of her children. I told her that I would be glad when they finished working on the line so the smell would go away. She said that she has not been smelling gas all week. I then asked my other neighbor. He had not either. I called the gas company right then. They did not come. I called after hours. I talked to a lady at the fire station. She got in touch with the gas company again. They decided that they would come today. I told them no, that I was the only one on my street smelling the gas. They changed their mind and came out around 7 pm. The man stepped out of the truck and made an awful face. He knew I had a problem. The meter by the house was leaking. He showed me that the gas was bubbling around the seal. They changed the meter out. Then he checked the inside of the house, foundation, basement and the line out to the street. All were clear of gas fumes. I am so glad I decided not to let them wait until today.

I was feeling a lot better today. I went into the church to work on the Valentine Banquet menu/programs. Then I went to get Mana from school. After I got home, I felt so tired. I took a nap until it was time to go and let Mana try her pageant dress on. (It looks pretty on her. Just one more small adjustment on it and we can bring it home!) I came back home and went back to bed. I just woke up and now church has already started. Ahhhh, for being exhausted!!!! I'm gong back to sleep!

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