Monday, February 9, 2009

I hope they stay Well!

I have been fighting a head cold for a couple of days now. Not a bad one. Just enough of one to make you feel not up to par. My friend, Anggie and her daughter spend the whole day with us yesterday. We went to McDonald's for the girls and to Books-A-Million. I was looking for some of the books they referenced from in our Bible study. That was quit embarrassing to ask for. They did not have them. Anyway, we all went to church last night. In the middle of the service I started getting cold and had to snuggle up in my sweater. I got home and I had a 101 temperature. I really do not like it when I get sick when I have friends around or I am out. I feel bad that they may come down with it also. I hope they stay well!! The sad part was that I looked in my cabinet for me some medicine and all I found was children's medicine. I had to take Mana's Triaminic. It didn't help! I was up all night. Now I am going back to sleep!

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Jamie said...

Boo to your sickness! I woke up all cruddy too and took a 4-hour nap (crazy, but lovely!)