Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss Photogenic 2009!!!!!

We got to the school around 6:15 pm. We were suppose to be there around 5:30 pm. Thank goodness we were not the last ones to get there! We were really rushed. I am very proud of Mana for being quick on getting ready once we got home from the hair appointment. My friend Sherry was taking the pictures. She asked me to be her second camera person. I got in a great spot to take pictures. I took some pretty decent pictures of all the girls. I messed up on Mana's pictures. She was blurry in the closer up ones. I know that Sherry got some, so I'm ok with that. It always happens that way. All the girls were lovely. They all did well. We had 37 girls compete. There were 11 in Mana's age group. (1st - 3rd) Mana won Miss Photogenic for her group!! She is so excited that she is still in her dress at 11:16 pm!!

Pictures of the day...
"In the Pageant"
"The Winners in Mana's Group"
"RK, Mana & Lauryn"
"RK & Mana"


christy said...

She did great, not that I expected any less from her. I need to get ME's photogenic pictures done soon. Her pageant is on March 28th at 6PM at Bevill State on Sumiton

Jamie said...

There was no competition for this prize. No parent flashes their kid like you - congrats!!!

Jordan said...

Yay! She looked beautiful.