Monday, August 25, 2008

For Sunday

Yes, it is officially Monday and I am posting for Sunday. This is how unorganized my life can get. Oh well! Sunday was good. Brother Steve gave a wonderful message in which I got a lot out off as usual. It was about the church. I have several family members in other denominations and I myself was part of another denomination before I became a member of my church. So this sermon really touched a part of me. I was saved while I was attending a Church of God denominational church. I really felt at home there. My husband, not so much. (He acted like he was fine with everything) A few of my family members where not to accepting of the whole "pentecostal" thing. They thought it was strange and had no problem telling me that. My sister-in-law attends a church in the Church of Christ denomination. We have had a discussion about all this before. She believes she is saved by the same way I am! There are a lot of differences in our denominations, but the most important part is the same!

Pictures of the day..."Research"
and Princess liked playing in
Mana's hair.

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