Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I love the rain! You know the kind of rain when it just sprinkles. Just enough to get things wet. No thundering! No lightening! Just a good soaking! Does it seem that we get less of those kind of rains now or am I just caught up in the day to day schedule of adult responsibilities now? I have enjoyed the rain the last couple of days because of that! When I was little, my friend Kristi and I would go jump in the big puddle in my driveway! Boy, was that fun! We would walk to the convenience store on the outskirts of our neighborhood to get a snack and one day it came a down pour on the way back! We took our time coming home that day and enjoyed the rain. In college, if it rained on my way back from classes, I would not put up my umbrella! People would just stare. I didn't care, I was enjoying something most people thought of as inconvenient. I do have to admit I think the same some times! I love to see the pure joy on a child's face that is playing in the rain. When Mana was smaller, we had a huge, muddy puddle in our driveway from washing the car. She had the best time jumping up and down in that puddle. I wish I had a picture. She slipped and landed right on her backside. She was covered. The look on her face, a huge smile.

She didn't care.....priceless!

Pictures of the day...
"After the Rain"

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