Friday, August 15, 2008

Uneventful days are good!

Today was uneventful. I brought my friend Sherry breakfast because she got stuck at home working and we usually go out for breakfast on Friday mornings during the school year. After she got some of her work done we went to get a pedicure but there were a lot of people, so we went shopping. Mana said she was "back in school mode" and that she had a great day! Always nice to hear! Most Friday nights, my friend Angie and her daughter Lauryn come over. We scrapbook and the kids play. We always stay up til way past midnight. The latest has been 2:30 am when they have left the house. We decided we needed to set an alarm to go off around midnight after that time. Boy were we tired! I am really looking forward to cropping tonight!

Here is my picture of the day! The ONE rose I have in my flowerbed of weeds!

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