Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Work, Work, Oh, Excuses, Excuses!

This post is for Monday! As you can tell it is Builder time! This is the time that all my unorganized traits show greatly! I always procrastinate on getting started with the Builder. I do not know why. I really actually enjoy doing it when I finally get around to sitting down and working on it! So around this time if I get behind on my daily postings, it is because it is Builder time!

We are officially NOT puppy sitting now! I enjoyed having Princess around, but I am glad she could go home. I am so glad to be able to walk into my kitchen and not have to look where I am stepping! She is really cute, well behaved and fun to play with. Best dog I have ever been around! Mana wants a dog more then ever, of course. Puppy sitting just made my answer even a stronger NO! All I need is one more thing to take care of. Just four days of puppy sitting threw me for a loop! I told her we can puppy sit again when our friends go out of town, but that will be the closest she will get to have a dog for a very long time!

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