Thursday, August 21, 2008


We are officially puppy sitting! It took awhile for Mana to warm up to the puppy. Now she is doing ok with her. I made Mana clean up a mess she made! She told her dad she did and then started laughing and saying how gross it was! She is still very excited we are keeping her until Monday. I wonder how long that will last if the puppy keeps missing her bathroom pad! LOL!

I have to take my D60 back to the store! :( It is not registering that it has opened the flash and it will not go off. I am really disappointed, but they said they would fix it or replace it. So I will be running by Wolfe Camera tomorrow! Hopefully they will have my Nikon bag in and an English version of the manual! (they only gave me the Spanish one)

This is Princess!

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