Sunday, August 17, 2008

A relaxing day!

This morning we woke up and went to church. Brother Steve preached a wonderful sermon that I personally got a lot out of!

Angie, her daughter, Mana and I went to McDonald's for lunch and then to the gardens to take pictures of our little girlies! They are growing up so fast. They both wore white dresses to church so we thought it would be pretty to get their pictures together. It was a nice sunny day with a slight breeze blowing, so it wasn't too hot. Mana squealed about the bugs quite a few times and Lauryn would tell her "If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone." I've been telling her that for years (not that I believe that to be true!). It seemed to help a little coming from her friend instead of mom. I think we got some good shots!

After the gardens, we went to Wolfe Camera. I have been eyeing the Nikon D60 ever since my sister-in-law bought one a couple of months ago. She has been very happy with hers, so since Wolfe was having a GOOD sale on it with the two VR lenses I had a hard time passing it up. I've been debating which camera I wanted for awhile. I figure since I only scrapbook and take pictures just for fun and not for a career I might as well get the smaller priced model. (Angie really had to talk me into it after I talked myself out of it three times in the store - the palms where sweating) I hate big purchases! I have expensive taste on a small budget! I still WANT the Canon EOS 5D, and depending on the price the lady is asking for it, I may still get it! My prayer is that I like this one so much that I do not care if I get the other one or not. (I MUST be responsible with the money, is what I need to keep telling myself!!)

So I bought the camera and off to Barnes & Nobles we go to let the kids look at the books! They both love to read! And it gave Angie and I some mommy time to talk! It was a nice and relaxing afternoon. (Except the camera purchasing time, of course!)

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