Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Don't you just love to see children sleeping? They look so innocent. No matter what they have or haven't done that day, it is all erased at that moment you look at them. She doesn't even look like the same child. When she is sleeping it reminds me of when she was a baby. You can still see that softness in her face! It makes me think "God, thank you for trusting ME with someone so precious!"

We are going to be puppy sitting from Thursday to Monday. Mana is extremely excited! That means it is time to clean the house really well. (No more excuses) Dogs can find things in your house you forgot you left in that corn
er! So I need to get back to that now!

Just a note...I actually saw Fake Toe Nail Kits in Wal-Mart today! LOL!

Picture of the day...
"Light Ball"


christy said...

Hey. This thing finally let me post for you. I am having trouble with my computer, got to find me a computer doc. I am jealous of the camera, I have been wanting a good digital like my film one, but no money to get one yet. I will pst pictures when I can get over to my mother in lawsto put them on. I would never be able to get them on on my computer.

Granmary said...

Hi, Tammy. this is really great. I don't believe you are a person of few words. You just choose yours more carefully than the rest of us who sling them out often. I really love this picture. The students came today, so I must get busy. Blessings.