Saturday, August 16, 2008

Party Time!

Angie and I did not crop last night. Instead, we talked and looked at children's portrait photography on the internet the whole time she was here. I am getting a little obsessed (understatement, just ask Sherry! LOL!) with trying to figure out what kind of new camera I would like to buy. I am hoping I can get a used camera from one of Sherry's friends at a good price. She is selling three of her older cameras and they are the camera body I would like. I hope it all works out!

Today we went to my niece's 4 year old birthday party. The kids had a lot of fun and it seemed the adults did too. August and September are filled with most of my family birthdays! Very busy months! Up next is my my sister-in-law's birthday, sister's birthday, cousin's birthday (that was just August), nephew's birthday, my birthday, niece's birthday, Brian's Grandmother's birthday AND my Grandmother's birthday(September)!

Here are my pictures of the day... Balloons from the party, and a cool looking flower that is from my sister-in-law's anniversary flowers!

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