Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to school, TV & Packing Up

Mana went back to school today. All the other schools go back in the morning. She got out a day early. She did well today and did not have to call me to bring her the inhaler. Maybe we have it under control now. I hope so. Her coughing sounded so bad the last two weeks. She only did the hacking cough a few times after school. You could tell we will have a few days to get readjusted back into the school schedule. It was so hard getting up on time this morning. It was even harder to get her to pay attention while doing her homework! It took her until 6pm to get it all done. It never takes her that long.

It is late and I am just doing nothing. O.K. I am half way watching a cake decorating show on tv and trying not to fall asleep. I have no idea why.

Looking at the boxes in my living room....
How could I have packed up the Christmas decorations in five boxes when they came out of three? I am a terrible packer!

Time to get some sleep!!!!!ZZZZZZZ

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