Monday, January 12, 2009

Splotched Face, Old Fashioned & Computer Generated

Mana had a splotched face yesterday and a bad hacking cough, runny nose and a headache. She did not have a fever, so we figured it was all allergy/asthma related. The school called today, after her teacher sent her down to the office for having a splotched face. It turns out that fifth disease is going around. They called and told me about it and that it is just a virus. Since she did not have a fever she was not contagious anymore. They would keep an eye on her, but did not send her home. I looked it up on the internet and it said once they get a rash, they have already had it. So....when did she have it?? I do not know! She has not had any fever at all.

This afternoon was our first day back for art!!! So excited. We studied typography. They seemed to like the projects. Mana finished her thank you notes so she did a typography project also. I have to say I rather enjoyed the project myself. You can do your own Word Art at this site. You can plug in your blog url and it will generate one for you. Happy Creating!!

Pictures of the day...
"CJ & Rebecca cutting out words""CJ's Word Art"
The old fashioned way.
Computer generated by "Rebecca's Word Art"
The old fashioned way.
Computer generated by "Mana's Word Art" "My Word Art"

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