Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fry Guy, Weigh In & Farewell

Today I got to share my lunch with the cutest little fry guy. I went to church to get some information to start working on the newsletter. Kara and her youngest son were there. He is so cute. I tried to take his picture and he would move back and forth really fast. That is why he is blurry. I had gotten a chicken sandwich, fries, apple pie and a huge Dr. Pepper from McDonald's has my farewell to eating bad meal! At least for 10 weeks!!

Three of my friends from church and I are participating in the state weight lose program. There has to be four to a team. You have to weigh in as a group and ten weeks later weigh in again. I only drank two Dr. Peppers today. That is really good for me. The only reason I drank the second one is that I had a huge headache and the Motrin was not working. I usually have around 5 or 6 Dr. Peppers a day. I will just have to fight through the headache tomorrow because we have officially weighed in. I can not lose any weight if I drink any Dr. Peppers!

Pictures of the day...
"The Cutest Little Fry Guy!""Goodbye Dr. Pepper! :("

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Jamie said...

He IS the cutest lil' fry guy!

Yay for us and the next 10 weeks - we can do it. I think you should buy the smaller Dr. Peppers and still drink 3-4, but then it would seem like less. OR I put tons of ice in the drink so it takes longer and requires less soda. I feel you!