Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How Many?

How many Tammys does it take to change a light bulb? Well.....this morning, the answer would have been TWO! My day started off with me dropping a light bulb I was changing in the bathroom. It slipped right out of my hands. I needed that extra pair of hands to catch it. Oh well! It resulted in a fabulous picture, don't you think?! LOL!

I actually got a lot accomplished today. I have been needing to adjusts some pictures so I could give a cd to the school for the yearbook and for my own personal scrapbooking layouts. I managed to get 3/4 of the December pictures adjusted. Those that know me, know that I take a HUGE amount of pictures. In fact, a dear friend of mine, Anggie C., diagnosed me with OPD (Obsessive Photography Disorder), after she saw how many pictures of Mana (in a similar pose) I could glue to one layout. It has been an on going joke between us for a while now! I know I will have at least one picture I like by taking so many photographs.

I decided to google this "disorder" to see if anyone else out there suffers from it. You never know these days what you will find out there on the world wide web. I did find this lovely blog about obsessive complusive blogging disorder.
It may not be just about photography, but I see a lot of similarities. I think my Sister-in-laws will agree! (Since it is now a on going joke that if we go somewhere, I will be taking a picture - Like a sunset out the sunroof of the vehicle!!!)

So happy blogging and photographing to all the compulsive disorder people out there like me!

Picture of the day...
"Shattered""Examples of OPD Layouts!"
A four page layout.

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Jamie said...

I definitely have the blogging disorder for sure! I am glad you broke that first bulb - because it is a snazzy pic!