Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let Us Make cake!!!!

Friday, January 23

I spent all day finishing up the house and baking two cakes. I got really close to completely decluttering the house. At least the parts you see. The other parts, I will have to do one day and one drawer or cabinet at a time. I was so tired by the time I picked Mana up from school. She was bouncing off the car walls!! I told her that we had to finish cleaning up her room and then I would let her decorate her cakes. Every year I made her cakes she would ask if she could help. I never let her. We got finished with her room at 6:30 pm. Then we started on the cakes. One for the morning children's party and one for the family party in the afternoon.

She put all the ingredients into the mixer. She stirred the color into the icing. She iced the cakes. She did it all. All by herself!! She was so happy. She was literally bouncing up and down!! She did a great job!! It took the stress out of my day to be able to see her having so much fun!! We got done in the kitchen at Midnight. I got done with the rest of the house at 2 am!!

Pictures of the day.....
"Mana Making the Icing""Mana Mixing the Colors""Spreading the Icing""Decorating the First Cake""The Best Part""The Cake"

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