Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo Lesson, Bubble Wrap & Crazed Fans

Monday, I went to my friend Sherry's house. I had two teenagers that I know that wanted me to take their pictures. One for a pageant and the other for graduation. Sherry taught me how to set up the lights and gave me advice here and there through out the process. I really enjoyed taking pictures in a studio setting again. I am having trouble going back and forth from my camera to her camera. They are both Nikon, but very different. My D60 does not have a place to attach a cord for the lights to be in sync, so I have to use her camera. I also like to take pictures better with props. It is hard to instruct them on poses with nothing to work with but your model and a plain backdrop. They seemed to be pleased with their pictures. I will ask them if they care if I post some here.

When Mana & I were on the way home, my friend Anggie called and said Lauryn wanted to come over and play with Mana. I told her to bring her over and then she could go and get the rest of her errands done. During this time, UPS brought Mana's birthday party supplies. She was so excited. Better yet, there was bubble wrap!! When Anggie got back to my house, the girls put on a book fair show for us. They read us a story and sang a song. Then they signed autographs for us. Anggie and I started acting like we were crazed fans and screaming and all. They got a kick out of that! Mana asked me that night, "When I get famous, do I have to like those people that act like that?" I told her Yes.

Pictures of the day....
"The theme is BOLT""Party Supplies""Bubble Wrap""Signing Autographs"
No, we did not get a picture of Anggie & I acting like crazed fans!!

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