Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'll Pray You Out!!

A while back, Anggie moved out of this area because of some maintenance problems at her apartments. She has been wanting to move back, since she goes to church here and her daughter goes to school here also. There is a rental house across the street. It was occupied at the time. I knew my neighbors, not well, and I didn't think they would be going anywhere anytime soon. I prayed that something great would happen to them. Like find a house. That way Anggie could move in! I know, it was just an idea! Guess What!!!! I noticed during the holidays that their cars were not there a lot. Figured it was that they were visiting relatives. After school got back in, their cars were still not there. I mentioned this to Mana and she said that Monday the girl that lived there came up to her at school and told her they moved! I never saw a moving truck. Must have moved while we were in Nashville. Anyway, found out they found a house!!!! My other neighbor's dad owns the house. I asked for their number and we called them last night. She is going to see it on Thursday. I so hope she likes it and wants to move in. It has always been a dream of mine to live next door to one of my best friends and our daughters be great friends also. How much fun that would be!!!! Pray she likes it and gets to move in!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell? Thank you God for this answered prayer!!!!!

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