Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let Us Make a "Duck Dog"!

Friday, January 23
Let Us Make Cake - Part 2

My lovely daughter wanted a 3-D "Bolt" Cake. I could not find a 3-D dog pan anywhere! I did find.....a 3-d duck pan! So, I had the smart (ha! ha! Do not think I would really call it that) idea to use the duck pan and make a dog that is laying down! Mana thought this to be really humorous. We started calling the cake the "Duck Dog" cake. We even went as far as saying "Bolt" the Duck Dog had the super power of the Sonic Quack. I carved (ha, ha) the body of the dog and spread the white icing on the body. It still looked like a duck to me! Mana added all the black icing details. She did so great. I had my doubts!! The face really did look like "Bolt". Such a proud Mommy I am!!

Pictures of the day...
"The Duck Cake" "Decorating the Duck Dog Cake" "Bolt"


SavannaLea said...

Wow...Mana did a great job!!! I can't believe she is 9, I can remember coming to see ya'll in the hospital when she was born!! How did we get so old and you aren't even as old as me!!! LOL :)

Jamie said...

That is mighty impressive!