Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brakes, Bedtime Stories & Scene It!

Brian worked on the brakes on his truck most of the day.
We went to see the movie "Bedtime Stories" at 4pm. It was a really good movie. Mana has been wanting to go see "Bolt". Brian and I wanted to see the other. We out numbered her 2 to 1. I know that sounds awful, but Mana wanted to see that one also. I told her that we would get "Bolt" when it came out on DVD and have a friend over to watch it with us. We came out of the movies and we were meet with lots of rain. Last time the three of us went to the movies, it was raining when we came out. We went to the mall on the way home. We went into Books-A-Million to return one of Mana's books she got for Christmas. (I did not know she had already read it) Brian also got a gift card for Christmas. We ate at Chick-fil-a. (My fav!) We then stopped by Auto Zone to get something else for Brian for his truck he needed. Now we are going to sit down and play Disney Channel Scene It.

Mana won DC Scene It. Every time we played this past two weeks, she won. Of course, she is the one watching most of the Disney Channel! I think I prefer the other two Scene It games she has. I can at least keep up with her on the board!

Pictures of the day...
"Mom & Dad"
Mana took this picture."The Rain-at Night"
That means Brian drives! I am gaining more trust on the driving situation!
Thank You God!
"Auto Zone"
Liked how the lights looked through the rain!

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