Monday, October 20, 2008

Socks, Art and Adjustments

As everyone knows, it was cold this morning! I told Mana last night that I was not going to turn the heater on yet because of the awful smell that heaters give off the very first time you turn them on. I made her wear socks to bed and tucked her in with two blankets. She was fine. I was cold. I hit the alarm several times this morning trying to avoid getting up. I finally turned the heater on after I dropped her off at school. The smell was strong, but only lasted about 30 minutes. Now it is a nice temperature in the house!

I really do not know what I did today. Not much. The day went by really quickly. I did get the kitchen straightened up for art class. I also straightened the living room and bathroom up. I picked up Mana and my art students after school. They prepared their canvas for a painting they will do next class time. Then Mana and I wen
t to Mrs. Kathy's house to give her Mana's new jeans for hemming and some formal dresses and costumes that needed some adjustments. Mana's school is going to have a pageant this year and I found some dresses for her at the thrift store for about $6 each. (Regular $130 dresses. I looked the brands up on the computer.) I got her four different dresses. I didn't know which one would look better after the adjustments, or what time of year the pageant would be so I bought them all. She plays in them anyway. They are her dress-up clothes.

Picture of the day...
"Go to Church or the devil will get you sign"
I see this sign every time I go to see my family.
If I was an unbeliever, this sign would not make me want to go to church. Sad, but true. Even as a believer, it makes me think I would never want to meet the person that put this sign up.
Every time I walk out the front door I see the scarecrow Mana made and think it is someone sitting on my swing! scary! By the way, it is a girl scarecrow! She has pink hair and lip stick.

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Ashley said...

That is so funny that you took this picture. We talk about that sign everytime we pass it. It is a bit harsh but it's true.