Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Proofing, Frustration and Tinker Bell

My wonderful proofer, who happen to be out of town yesterday, came home late in the evening and still managed to proof the Builder! (Thanks! You are the BEST!) She called me around 10 am and told me that she dropped it off at the church. I was so excited that there was a chance for me to get the Builder mailed today! Well, did not happen. My work computer was not working and the program I do the labels with had to be reworked. (We updated it and it messed it up) Needless to say I was very frustrated by the time I picked up Mana from school. But it got better. When Mana had her voice lesson tonight, I went to the office and managed to print out a copy for Pastor Steve to look at. I was going to go somewhere tomorrow and it turns out that my friend's kid's field trip had been moved to Wednesday. We postponed our outing. Now I can work tomorrow!! Everything worked out for the better. I can get done with the Builder and then I can enjoy our outing with out having to think of how I need to be finishing up the Builder!!

I bought Mana the "Tinker Bell" movie today. After voice, we went to the gym to say hi to Debbie and Robin. I know better to go over there on a school night. I always stay to long. We got home and Mana wanted to watch the movie. I was an irresponsible mommy and we sat down to watch it. She finally got to bed around 9:15 pm. An hour and fifteen minutes past bed time. I hope I don't regret that in the morning!

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