Monday, October 6, 2008

Just to Relax :)

Here it is Monday and I am exhausted. Last week was a long one. I am so glad to be home and able to just rest. Mana is off school today because of parent/teacher conferences. It could not have come on a better day. I needed some Mana time and a lot of rest. We slept late and have been laying around all day. I canceled art class for today so I wouldn't have anything to do. It has really been nice to just relax. I wish my sister could have that chance also! She really needs that! Grandma came home on Saturday. She is doing well. She is getting back to her spunky self.

Grandma's medic came to visit her before she left the hospital. He said that in the three years he worked as a medic only two people survived what she went through. Her and a 12 year old. She is 88 and one tough cookie.

Saturday morning I went to my Sis-in-law's house for a Mary Kay party. My other Sis-in-law and Mother-in-law came also. We had the best time. Girls parties are alway a lot of fun! I didn't leave to go back to grandma's until 2 pm. Mana spend the night with my Sis-in-law. She was so glad she could stay and play with her cousins. Mana has been passed around from one house to the next
this whole last week. I think she did well. When I went to pick her up on Sunday afternoon, she didn't even give me a hug. I guess she had a great time! She didn't even want to come home. She did give me a big hug once we were home.


Picture of the day...
This is Mana's turtle after it was fired.

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christy said...

Hey I am glad to hear your grandmother is doing better. Also reminder: Mary's bday party is Saturday the 11th at 2PM at our house.