Monday, October 13, 2008

An Eventful Weekend

Friday afternoon, Mana and I set a goal to have the house straightened up by the time Anggie and her daughter came over. I started on the bathroom and then the living room. I looked in Mana's room and I couldn't tell that she had done anything. You can't even walk in this child's room. The floor is covered with toys, arts and crafts, and dress up clothes. I remembered the website and the 5 minute room rescue. I put Mana to work. Five minutes to pick up trash. Five minutes to pick up animals and dolls. Five minutes to pick up movies and cds. Five minutes to pick up dress up clothes. It got done!! It was a game and it was fun! (Why did I not use this before now?) The room is not completely clean by no means, but you can see the floor!! Anggie and her daughter met us at McDonald's. When we got back to the house we pulled the scrapbook table out and set up all our stuff. Then we pulled out the Bible study books and started talking. We had a great talk until 11:30 pm! Needless to say, we did not scrapbook anything. Still a great night. I crave those inspiring conversations about our Lord and Savior!

Saturday, Mana and I went shopping at Wal-Mart for her another costume. Her school is having a carnival and are letting the kids wear their costumes that day. Mana is going to be a southern belle. Her big dress is white. I could see her dress after the playground; an orange brown color. This costume cost to much for her to get it messed up before the 31st! We found her a purple medieval princess costume. We then went to her friend's birthday party. She had a good time playing with her friend until we had to go around 7:30 pm. I stayed up until 2 am getting caught up on the chapters for Sunday night's Bible study. I had five chapters to read. I read three.

Sunday, we went to church. Afterwards, we went home for me to finish the last two chapters before the parade committee meeting that afternoon. We were going on a field trip for our Bible study class. We went to Jamie's house to eat supper. Everything was delicious. I am an overly picky eater, but I did try a few things that were new for me. I liked the new things I tried. We all went in her living room and had our Bible study discussion. I would have to say it was a wonderful time. I like having Bible study at people's houses. I like the atmosphere. It is homey and comfortable. Of course, I set in the corner with my arms crossed and my book in my lap. I did manage to relax more then usual in a group setting! I would like all Bible study groups to be held at someone's house. How great and fun would that be?! People seem to open up more. I probably would eventually.

Today Mana and I got up late! Always love that! I stayed up late reading one of the three chapters we had for homework. I got up really early and read the second chapter this morning and then went back to bed. We just laid around all morning. We finally got up and got ready to go see "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". It was good. Mana really liked it a lot. Every once in a while, she burst out with "Chihuahua". Just random like! We went to Chick-fila after the movie. Then we went to JcPenny to find her some bluejeans. They had the cutest dresses. (Not what we were looking for. I know!) I bought her two long-sleeve shirts, a pair of jeans, and a dress. They had a good sale going. She did need winter clothes. When I find clothes that fit her, we have to get them. She is so hard to buy clothes for!! Shoes are even worse! The child has flip-flops and a pair of tennis shoes. That is all. She has a skinny heal. She walks out of all the cute style shoes!

Mana was to spend the night with a friend of hers Sunday night. We got home from church and had a message that her mom was in a wreck and was in the hospital. I tried to call her room several times and did not get an answer. I finally got a hold of her today. She was going down a steep hill and lost control of her car. She hit a huge rock that stopped the car from going off the steep drop off. She was not wearing her seat belt thank goodness. (I am a firm believer in seat belts, but know in some situations it does not help) Her driver's side got the worst of it. She was thrown to the passenger's side, so she lived! She was still beat up really bad. She got out of the hospital today. She will be out of work for a week. Please pray for her recovery and for her family. Her daughter was not with her, but did see the vehicle after the accident, before seeing her mom. I am sure that was a horrifying sight for an eight year old.

Picture of the day...
"Beverly Hills Chihuahuas Altered"
"Precious Princess Cutie" as Chloe!

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I am glad you guys liked the movie, Heidi and I have been wanting to check it out..Too bad we cant take princess with us ;-)