Friday, October 3, 2008

Women's Game Night

I had the best time tonight at the women's game night! We had 12 ladies come this time! Six of us played this card game named Mow. It was a blast! It was very hard at first. It took a lot of concentration to remember all the rules. Who ever gave out of cards first each round got to make a new rule. Some of the rules that were made up were, we could not show our teeth and we had to say war eagle/ROLL TIDE every time we put a heart down. It got extremely funny by the end of the game. We laughed so hard. After that game, we all played Catch Phrase. Women's Game Night was exactly what I needed tonight. I came in really tired and left energized! (Enough to pay bills and get a few things done before going to bed)

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christy said...

Are we having any more crops?