Sunday, October 19, 2008

Politics, Hay and Singing

This weekend was my turn to stay with my grandmother. I woke up around 6:15 am and got on the road around 7 am. When I made it down to my grandmother's, my uncle and aunt had already left to go home. I called my sister to tell her I was there. She asked if I had brought a book. I did. My bible study books to be exact. I asked her why. She said that all grandmother did was sleep a lot. Uhhhh, NO. She talked the whole entire time I was there. Non-stop! About politics and other things we will not mention. Just so you know, I hate to talk politics! So much, that I will leave the room to get away from the discussion. She also told me the same four stories around 20 times each. I was good and sat there and listened. No time to read my Bible study books at all. Thank goodness I had already read the one for tonight! I am glad I got to spend some time with my grandmother, even if it was spent listening to politics.

Around 6 pm Saturday night my sister-in-law called and told me she had gotten Mana and was on their way home. Mana was wheezing as she was breathing and her chest was hurting. Mana spend the day at the pumpkin festival and had stuffed a scarecrow with hay. I think between the two days of being outside all day and being in the hay was just to much for her. Her aunt gave her a breathing treatment and 30 minutes later she was fine.

Today, I left grandmother's around 12 noon and went by my dad's house. I did not get to go by and see him the last two times I was down. I visited for about an hour and headed on home. My brother-in-law brought my sweet little girl home. Then off to church we went to the Bible study. The Bible study went well. I actually talked in class tonight. And, no crying! Yeah! :) AND, it was about Pride. I thought for sure it would come a crazy flood tonight! Oh, and I wrote on the board. In front of people! I know you are probably laughing by now! I am! To really think about it, it is funny to some extent. Why should I be afraid in front of these wonderful, caring women? I guess I just needed to realize that the hard way. (Jamie, you would have a lot to proof in this blog entry! :) And it is ok you picked on me tonight in class! :) For those that do not know, Jamie proofs the Church's newsletter I do every month and thanks to her I think before I start sentences with And and But! Not this time! LOL!)

We had a Senior choir come and sing at our church tonight. They were wonderful. One lady played a solo piano piece. It is one of my favorite songs and I just can not remember the name of the music. I was going to get the program to see if they listed it, but I forgot to by the time it was over. Mana wanted to go to the fellowship afterwards. She was so tired and it was getting late so I told her no. We also had to go by Wal-Mart to pick up her allergy medicine for in the morning. Now I am washing clothes and hope to get to bed soon.

Picture of the day...
"Deer Crossing"
Ok, I do not have a picture I took this weekend. So I decided I would give you a deer crossing sign in honor of my effort on getting a picture. I went to the store for my grandmother and on the way back I had five deer run across the road in front of me. I struggled with finding my point & shoot camera in my purse while watching them. I found it only in time to take a picture of... nothing. Two more were in the woods ready to cross, but decided not to.

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Jamie said...

I was so impressed with you tonight - sharing and writing with boldness - yay! That piano piece was one of my faves too - Wayfaring Stranger. My mom wants it sung at her funeral. Sad that we have chatted about that 8-)