Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photography, M&Ms & Funito!

Today I went with my friend Sherry to visit a friend of hers. She is a photographer. I great one at that. First of all, her house is gorgeous. Her yard has places set up that are perfect for photo shoots. She has photographs that she has taken out everywhere. She paints some of her photographs also. They are beautiful! I was amazed all day. I watched and soaked in all the things her and Sherry were doing to set up a photo shoot for in the morning! I am so glad Sherry invited me to go along with her today!

Mana had her first voice lesson this afternoon. Her teacher is wonderful with her and really sweet. Mana had a great time and learned a few new warm-ups to do. One was "My mommy made me mash my m&ms!" Mana thought that was funny!

Mana's school was having a book fair today. I wrote her a check this morning and she came home with six books. She has already read three of them. She curled up with me and read me "Bolt". Then I read her "Skippy jon Jones In Mummy Trouble". (My favorite book!) I love the Skippy jon Jones books. Mana likes to let me read them because they have a lot of tongue twisters in them. She likes to hear me me
ss up on them. There is a part in the books where the cat goes and visits some Mexican Chihuahuas and a lot of the words end with ito. Then there is a part that the dogs sing and they "clap-clap" after each sentence. It is funito! We have to sing that and "clap-clap"! You just have to read one of these books!

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