Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Breakfast, Grades, & Ambition

This morning I went to Jack's with two of my friends. Their children are in Mana's class at school. I have not been out with them since the kids were in first grade. I enjoyed spending time with them. They are really nice ladies.

Mana got her report card today. She made the "A" honor roll! I am so proud of her. This year, so far, has been a little harder on her. I was wondering if she would bring home a "B" this time. She seems to lose her concentration on her math tests. She does well in math. She just does
not focus well on her math tests. All other tests she doesn't have any trouble focusing on. I think what happens is that she can just memorize the information for the others, so she doesn't have to think about it. She has to think on the math tests. We are working on memorizing the multiplication tables but those will take a while. Our deal is, if she makes "A" honor roll she can pick out something at the store. If she makes "A/B" honor roll, she has to be happy with an "I am proud of you, Good Job!" We went to Wal-Mart after I picked her up from school. She picked out a set of Bratz dolls.

I arrived at Church tonight only to find out that our teacher for our Bible Study "Captivating" was sick and we were not going to have class. We were sad she was sick, and we were all disappointed that our class was canceled. I would have to say we are an ambitious bunch. We all decided to hold the class anyway. We decided that Meka would lead the class for us.
After we all read two great chapters in this book and had prepared ourselves for the lesson, we didn't want to wait another week to discuss all that God was showing us. We had some great discussions and all of us shared. That included me. It wasn't all that hard. I survived!!! Praise God!!! I really wish Benita could have been there. She would have been proud of all of us for speaking up.

Pictures of the day...
"Straight As"
"Bratz dolls"

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