Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bird, Cow & Relief

I went into today knowing that it would be a packed day. My Church's Arts program did chapel this morning at Mana's school. It started at 8:30 am. I went to take pictures of the little ones doing their ballet performance. They were so cute. I got out in time to head across town to get my hair cut. When I arrived home, I reached over to get my camera bag from the passenger side and a bird landed on the car window with a loud thud. There the bird was looking at me through the window. It startled me! I screamed! (Every morning, two birds are sitting on my car side mirrors. When Mana and I go outside they fly into the tree and chase each other around. This has been happening for a couple of weeks now.) I decided to sit in my car and eat my lunch ready with my camera. It did not take long. The bird came back and walked around on my car window seals and then on my side mirror. I got a few pictures! I was so excited! It was nice to just sit and enjoy my lunch and soak in all of God's wonderful nature.

I did some work and headed back to the school to pick up Mana for her doctor appointment at Children's. It turns out, she did not have to have the VCUG test! She was so relieved! We talked to the nurse practitioner and then the doctor. They said that she needed to get more fiber in her diet. If you know my child, you know that the list of fiber food choices were not what she likes. We found three items on the list that she eats. We will be trying new foods. Please pray for us to find more foods my child will eat that are on this list!

When we got home, Mana got ready for ballet and ate her supper. Today, some of Mana's ballet classmates got to move up t
o Ballet I. She was a little disappointed that she did not get to move up also, but the ones that did where in Jr. Ballet last year and really should of been in the other class anyway. She is glad she is still with Ms. Johnson though!

Pictures of the day...
"Cow at Children's Hospital"
"Car Wash"
ought they made
some cool pictures.

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