Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday was Mana's Fall Festival at school. There were all kinds of things for the kids to do. Inflatables, face painting, putt putt, football toss and sweet shop to name a few. The kids had a great time. Half the time Mana hung around her friend Lauryn. Her mom had to go back to work so she came home with us. I took them to McDonald's for supper. That night, after Anggie got of work, she came over and we played with the Fall Festival pictures on the computer.

Saturday morning we woke up and started to get ready to go see a movie. Mana was about to take a shower and we had no hot water. I called my dad and he said he would come up and see
what he could do. Anggie had already bought tickets for the movie and I didn't want to miss out on that and her to lose the money, so I tried to make other arrangements. I know that my priorities were a little backwards. When a friend buys your tickets for the movies and the kids have been waiting a long time for this movie to come out, you feel obligated to pick going to the movies. Plus we promised we would take them. So off to see High School Musical 3 we went. The other arrangements fell through and I had to call my dad that night and ask him to come on Sunday. High School Musical 3 was a great movie. I liked it better than 1 or 2!

Sunday, my dad and brother-in-law came up around 9 am. Things didn't go to well at first. They had to cut the water pipes because they would not com
e loose. When we went to Lowe's, they didn't have the same size water heater I had before and I had to get a smaller one. Then after they got it in, they found two water leaks they had to fix and a spot on my roof that was leaking. (The place on my roof was leaking down on top of the water heater and that is what messed it up!) It is all good now.

Pictures of the day...
"Princess Mana"

"Groovy Lauryn"


Anonymous said...

Tammy is such an AWESOME friend. We had a great time at the movies. I think Tammy and I enjoyed the movie just as much as the girls.

The Strings said...

I know! I did enjoy it as much as the girls! I loved all the music and the choreography! I think the best part was watching the girls dancing to the closing credits.

Ashley said...

I wish I could have known about the water heaters. Phillip sells them at his work. He could have hooked you up if they had your size. I'm glad to hear you have hot water now. Don't you appreciate your little luxuries now? We are so blessed to have wonderful things here in our country! Love the pictures you've posted lately. Your so creative! Hope your doing well and I look forward to seeing you soon!