Friday, October 17, 2008

Noccalula, Mexican, and Bees

OK, I know that is a strange mixture, but it equals a great time!

Today, Mana's class went on a field trip to Noccalula Falls. When we stepped out the front door this morning it was raining. I thought for sure they would cancel. It rained all the way there. But the sun decided to shine once we got there. We had a great time. It really is a pretty place. Mana and I will definitely go back to take pictures! You knew that was coming!

After we got back from the field trip, Mana and I packed her clothes to go and spend the night with her GranMary and Paw Paw. Her cousin was also spending the night. Mana was really excited! GranMary and Paw Paw usually takes each cousin to do something special. Justin's special something is to go to a pumpkin patch festival each year. This year he wanted his cousins to come along also. That is so sweet to share his special day! I am so glad that Mana has great cousins and they all love to spend time together. I am sure they will have a great time.

I dropped her off and met my Sisters-in-lovs at Habernaros Mexican Restaurant for supper. We were meeting Carlye's mother and two of her friends.
Her mom has been taking care of her mother and needed a girls' night out. I have not had Mexican in a while. It was a good choice for supper. We then went to see "The Secret Lives of Bees". Carlye and her mom had read the book. They said the movie went straight by the book. I do not know of to many movies based on books that do that. It was a wonderful movie. I would watch it again and I usually do not care to watch movies over again. When Carlye invited me she had told me that the mother dies in the movie and asked if that was going to get to me. I told her I would be ok. She did NOT tell me the story literally had bees in it! (a lot of them!) I really am afraid of bees, so I was a little squeamish about them. Hopefully I will not dream about bees buzzing around me all night!

Pictures of the day... "Noccalula, Mexican, & B

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