Thursday, October 2, 2008


Some of you know that my grandmother is in the hospital. Tuesday night my sister called me around 6:15 pm and told me that my grandmother had a stroke or a heart attack and that she was in the ER and to get down there fast. She lives two hours away. I was so proud of my daughter who cried for a few minutes and then went right into help mode. I was just throwing things out there for her to get and she went and did them. We got packed and on the road in six minutes. I got at the hospital and found out that my grandmother had a heart attack (no stroke) and had 100% blockage on the right side. She was in surgery when I got there. Turns out my sister walked in the ER when grandma went in cardiac arrest and they were doing CPR on her to revive her. The nurse said she was nonresponsive. In her surgery they put three stends in. She is still in CCU, but doing fine. The doctor has put in the paperwork to move her to a room now when one comes available. She will be in the hospital three or four more days. Thank you for all your prayers and I will be home soon.

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