Monday, September 22, 2008


I went to another Bible study tonight. This one is "Your God is too Safe" by Mark Buchanan. I have already read my first two chapters we had for homework! It will hit you hard! It did me! So many of the examples about how we view our God hit home! I could see myself in the borderland, just waiting around for my "safe" God to get me unstuck. Yes, I want to hide from Him. That is were I am comfortable. I want to hide from everyone. Why should God be any different? I do not naturally want to step out side of my comfort zone. God you fix it without me having to do this or that! I am not doing that. I might get embarrassed. On and on it goes, all the while I am still sitting around in the borderland. Not getting any closer to Him.

My prayer for now and in the future is I would like to be able to thank God for putting me out of my comfort zone, every day! You are saying I'm crazy?... yes, I very well might be. I want the burning heart, not the slowness of heart that Mark Buchanan writes about!

Writing in this blog...out of my comfort zone! I might not have gotten what I was trying to write across the right way! Oh well! Thank you God, I'm out of my comfort zone!

Now let's move forward!