Tuesday, September 23, 2008


To catch up on all the fun things over the weekend:
I went down to my sister's house right after picking Mana up from school on Friday. Mana was so excited to see her cousins. My Dad and Mrs. Jean got to come over that night along with my brother-in-law's family. We had a cookout for my niece's birthday which she is now nine! She is so tall. She takes after her daddy. I can't believe mine will be nine in four in a half months. They grow up so fast. Anyway, we had the usual hamburgers and hotdogs and of course cupcakes. Everything was delicious! My brother-in-law is good at grilling!

Saturday, Jen and I iced my niece's birthday cake for her party. She h
ad chosen a butterfly cake with several bright colors. It turned out very pretty. It was fun to do a cake with my sister again. I use to help her with all of them. I was the one that got her into making cakes. My sister-in-law, Misty, taught me how to do them. I haven't done a cake in a long time. Mainly because Jen would have already had them done when Mana and I would get to her house. Plus Jen has been doing Mana's cakes. She has done them the last two years. She has gotten really good at it. My niece's party was at one of those paint it yourself ceramic places. All the little girls that came did a great job painting. They all got to chose what they wanted to paint. Mana painted a turtle. Very colorful I might add. She named it Patches. It was a lot of fun. Jen said I could paint, but I was having fun just watching the girls paint. That night we watched the Auburn football game. That was awful and to close! Not much of a football fan myself.

Sunday, Mana and I headed to her great grandmother's house. Her birthday is Friday! She will be 88! She has the cutest little chihuahua. Mana had a fun time playing with the dog.

We then came home and went to church.

Monday, right after I picked Mana up from school, we picked up CJ and Rebecca and went
home for art class. I really like the project they are doing now. Can't wait to see it all come together on canvas. We had to call art class short and head out to Mana's grandparent's house for a birthday party for her other great grandmother. I would say we partied all weekend.

Now it is time to work!

Pictures of the weekend...
"Butterfly Cake"
"Mana & Turtle"
"Aunt Misty tickling Mana"
"Balloon Fight"

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