Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Crazy Friends! :)

Mana had ballet tonight. During class I walked over to the gym to talk to my friends and they were in the kitchen decorating and preparing for a party! There was a number 40 candle on the table so I was thinking who's birthday did I forget and why didn't Debbie tell me about it earlier today since she knew I was coming by. They just looked at me with a confused expression. I had just walked in on the preparations of my party. NO I am NOT 40! They said a weak Surprise and kind of grinned. By the time Mana got out of class, some more of my friends showed up. We had BLT s, and hot dogs and of course cake! Debbie even got me a Alabama cake and poster. (She is for Auburn) They were all very sweet. I received some great cards and gifts!

Thanks my Crazy friends! It was a lot of fun!
"My Happy Birthday Song"


christy said...

You are not supposed to walk in on your own party preperations. Yes, I do do the hill everyday I walk at Dora. I do 3 miles at least and at least 4 or 5 times up and down the hill. I also wouldn't sleep with those dragons. They are kind of scarry.

Anonymous said...

I knew you was going to post this crazy picture of us