Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The complete lack of anything...

Today has been uneventful so far. I have been to the church a couple of times to get a poster printed that I have been working on at home. Not done on that yet. Do not have Photoshop there. Do not have a big printer here. So it is back and forth, back and forth. Three times a charm I hope!

I have run out of interesting things to photograph around the house. At least that is what I thought. If I put a regular picture in Photoshop, I can at least make it interesting enough. And it is fun to do! That is what I did for today's picture of the day. One of my friends just got a really great new lens for her camera that she has been wanting for a while. I was surprised because she had seemed to have lost the love of photography. She sounded excited about it. I am trying to talk her into us taking a trip downtown to take some pictures. There are tons of interesting places to get some great shots! We have planned to get breakfast in the morning and then get our nails filled in. Hopefully after that we can go and take some pictures!

Picture of the day...
"Wrought Iron"

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