Friday, September 5, 2008

NOT by MY schedule!

If you know me at all, you know that I love to have everything scheduled out. The day hardly ever goes that way. Of course! That tends to throw me for a loop most days! Who could ever believe that? LOL! Well, Thursday was one of those days. BUT, I handled it a lot better then normal. Sherry and I were going to get our nails done after breakfast. We did not, which turned out better for both of us. We went to her house afterwards so she could get one of her work projects done really quickly. Her internet was not working correctly and it kept going down. She didn't get much work done. I got to shoot with her camera for awhile during that time, so I was happy! We ended up having a sandwich for lunch and sitting down and talking. (It is always nice to have some adult conversation!) Then we went to pick up the kids. Mana had her first Ballet class. I thought I saw her leotard in her bag a couple of days ago. She goes to get dressed and it was a black shirt in her ballet bag, not her leotard! We finally did find it, but it made us a little off track! I went to Wal-Mart during her class and ended up being late to pick her up. Thank God they were late getting out! Then we went to the church life center to talk about scheduling my art class. We stayed and talked until 8:45 pm! Not good when a certain someone needs to get in bed around 8 pm! She finally got in bed around 10 pm! Debbie, Heidi, Robin and I just can't keep up with time when we start talking. That is the exact reason I am doing the art class at my house right after school this year! Poor Mana would always go to bed late on art class day if we didn't change the time. She has two test on Friday, so I would not be a responsible parent if I did that every Thursday. After she got in the bed I sat down to get those lovely fake nails off. If took me until 2 am to get all but two off. Yes, I gave up and left the last two on. I'll get them off today!

Picture of the day...
"Mana and her Ballet Teacher"
Ms. Johnson just got finished teaching a little girl class. That is why she is all dressed up! She is such a great teacher!

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