Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look up!

After the morning "See you at the Pole", I went home and finished up the church newsletter. It went fairly well. I do have to say I got a little crazy this afternoon dealing with my mouse. (computer) It hasn't been cooperating lately at all! It double clicks when I single click. It will not hold highlighted text. What do I mean by crazy? Well, let us just say I had to sing a crazy song and act really goofy to keep from losing it in front of my daughter. In stead of screaming, I did a crazy voice. All the things you do to keep your cool in front of your child! Come on..admit it, you have all done it! Mana thought her mom was going insane. That got me tickled! Before I knew it I was finished with all of the newsletter I had to do today!

God has been preparing me this whole week for the "Captivating" Bible study tonight! I have learned to keep my eyes on Him and off myself! I got through the study without shedding a tear. Not one! It was like I was a totally different individual! God kept me from my selfish ways of worrying about how I would feel intimidated in a group and let me sit back and observe what was going on. A flood may come next week, but I know now that it will be alright. It will be connected to an issue of the heart, not a feeling of intimidation! My dear friend Heidi and I had an in depth conversation at supper afterwards. God has showed me a lot of different areas of my life that I know now that I can get through and better yet past, all with His love and help! If you are a self-absorbed individual like myself....Look UP!

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