Thursday, September 25, 2008

Doc in the Box

I have been sick for about a week with sinus stuff. I haven't slept well in about four nights. I have that cough that stays with you forever. My friend Debbie kept asking when I was going to the doctor, so I went. I went around 1 pm and got out at 2 til 3 pm. Just in time to go pick Mana up from school. We then went to the pharmacy to fill my medicine. That was the quickest $75 dollars I have ever spent. The medicine was $47 dollars. That's crazy! It sure does work well for $47 dollars. So wwoooooooorrrrrtttttttthhhhhhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, it! :)

I told Debbie she owed me $75! She said when she won the lottery I would get it back! LOL!

Pictures of the day...
"Fall Scarecrow"

"Fall at the Farmer's Market"

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