Sunday, November 30, 2008

Around the Christmas Tree

Gathering around our Christmas tree is my favorite way to start off the Christmas Season. Brian pulled out all the decorations and put the tree together. (Pre-lit, the only way to go.) I have never had a real tree. I would love to have the whole real tree experience once in my lifetime, without the allergies to go along with it. My job is to "fluff" the tree, as Brian calls it. Mana gets to pull out all the ornaments. She loves to go through all of them and ask who's was who's growing up and the story behind each one. We usually have Christmas music playing, but this year a lovely football game was on the tv in the background. A couple of days ago, I took Mana to pick out our new Christmas ornaments for this year. In past years I have picked out some snowmen with her help, of course. I love snowmen. My whole tree is filled with them and snowflakes my Grandma made. You would think I would want it to snow or something. (2 days maximum is all I think I could take!) Mana picked out the "Bad to the Bone" dog ornament. I picked out the "All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus" ornament. (Up there on my top 10 Christmas song list!) Mana picked out her dad the "08 Nascar" ornament. Once all the ornaments were on the tree, one last ornament is to be placed near the top. It is a little angel. It always went on last on our tree when I was young and now it is last to be placed on our Christmas tree. I just wish I could find my tree topper!

Pictures of the day...
"Mana hanging ornaments."
"Brian hanging his ornament."
"Mana is Bad to the Bone!"
"08 Nascar"
"Little Angel"

"Our Christmas Tree"

"Mana's Pink Christmas Tree"

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