Saturday, November 8, 2008

Game Night, Available Light & a Pageant

Friday night was Women's Game Night! We always have the best time! We laugh so much. If you have not come to one of our Game Nights, I encourage you to do so. Half of us played Sorry and the other half played Uno. My friend Sherry got to come for the first time. I am so glad her and her kids came. The kids went skating while we played the games. Anggie came over to my house afterwards. I finished up a picture I was putting together for her of her daughter at the Fall Festival. We ended up talking until 3 am. I went to bed around 4 am.

This morning, I slept late and Mana got up and played on the computer. Then she came and woke me up. The lighting in my room was nice, so I took some available light pictures of her. I am trying to learn how to take pictures the correct way. I would like to use Photoshop for special effects only, not to do adjustments. They turned out pretty well. At least the last ones did. On most of them, I didn't even have to do any adjusting on them at all. They are not as sharp as I would have liked. It is hard to take a picture hand held with the shutter speed at 1/10 with your child moving as much as she does. I need a tripod!

"Mana at the Pageant"
Mrs. Cindy gave her a name tag also.
That made her think she was extremely important!

We went to a school pageant tonight. The older ballet girls were performing in between outfit changes. They danced beautifully! Mana pretended she was a judge. She wrote in her notebook all about every girl that was in the pageant. She picked her favorites to win. The girl she chose to win, won third runner up. Afterwards, she had to get their autographs and a picture with them. It was so sweet. She was so excited about it all.

Pictures of the day...
"Available Light""Lionel"
"Judge Mana"
"Mana's Favorite"
She said she had a Sharpay dress on.
"The Winners"

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Anonymous said...

I thought the photos of Mana were awesome. I really like photos that are not posed. As you do always.....magnificant pictures.