Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Winter Snowman!

The Builder is done!!!!!! I can relax now! I love doing the Builder! I do get stressed easily during it. Just because I let the little things bother me quickly. It is fun though. I like that even though I do not work a full time job, I can keep my skills up by doing the Builder. There are still things about Photoshop and Publisher I can learn. I got to Photoshop seven people into our staff picture this month. That was a lot of fun! The number one thing I get from people is "You need to make me skinner!" All I can say is Photoshop is an awesome program!!

Tonight, Mana went to ballet. I like to go over to the gym and talk to my friends, Robin and Debbie. They were in the middle of Upward Basketball & Cheerleading. First night of practices. All I can say is, I am glad I am not in charge of that! Complete chaos! Two people to help 50 kids get to the correct spot. I would scream and run!! They were getting it done, with lots of problems being thrown at them. They just kept going! Getting everything taken care of. The first night is always crazy! I admire that they didn't lose their cool! I so would have!!! I bet they are going to sleep good tonight. They are going to be so worn out!

While Mana was staying at my dad's house this past weekend, she and my step mom painted me a Christmas snowman. It is too cute!! It has holes along the sides to put Christmas lights in them. Mana did a great job painting it.

Pictures of the day...
"Mana & Snowman"
"Dancing Lights"
"Water Droplets"
"Fall Leaves"

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