Saturday, November 22, 2008

My poor child!

My poor baby is sick. We had a wonderful day of Christmas shopping. We have accomplished finding four presents for our beloved relatives. After shopping we went to Heidi's house to learn how to make dressing from scratch. She had a house full of all our friends. We had a great time sitting around the table talking and the food was excellent! We got home around 10 pm and Mana got sick. Needless to say, we will not be at church tomorrow. I hope it is just a stomach virus and she is done with it now. I hate when my child gets sick and we had spend the day with friends or relatives. You start to feel bad, thinking that they may get sick also. Not that I knew she was sick. She had a stomach ache before lunch. It went away after she ate, so that just told me she was hungry. My poor child had to sit there and see her mommy freak out. I can not handle when someone gets sick like that. I get sick also. So I am NO help at all! I finally got her taken care of. Then my poor child had to stand there and spray air freshener so I could clean up the mess, trying not to look at it. She was crying. I was crying! Overall bad situation. My mommy skills are so lacking in the taking care of a sick child department! Everyone for themselves!! That is usually my motto when people are sick! You just can't do that with a child. You have to step up and take care of them. I managed in the end. Just with A LOT of drama! My poor baby!

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