Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Builder, Condo & the Wind

I went into church to pick up the information for the Builder. This month, I will have to get the Builder (Church's newsletter) out a week earlier because of Thanksgiving. I am now working on the Children's newsletter. I need to get it ready to print on Monday. My goal is to get the Builder printed and mailed on Thursday of next week. I am eager to get them out so I can enjoy the holiday without having to think about work!!

I went to the "Captivating" Bible study tonight. It is always great! A part of me wishes that this Bible study would never end. God is tearing down the walls of my "Condo" brick by brick! That is what a friend of mine calls our walls we put up to hide behind. We have built ourselves a condo! We have even decorated it nicely. We are comfortable there. The main sentence that stood out for me from the chapter we were on tonight was, "We don't get to stay in hiding until we are whole; Jesus invites us to live as an inviting woman now, and find our healing along the way." (page 138) I use to tell my husband, when situations got tough, that I wanted to go live in a cave. In hiding. All alone. Not having to deal with the outside world. Well, as this sentence says, God wants us to not hide from our situations. He wants us to bring them to Him. Learn something from Him. Let Him heal us. We can not heal if we hide. That is hard for me. I put up all kinds of walls. I have a super duper condo! What about you?

Pictures of the day...
"Wind Swivel"
Shutter Speed exercise

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