Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Closeup II & Learning New Things

Here is another one for you!
What is this?

I love to learn new things! I do have to admit that I do not regularly try to learn new things. I get to "busy". You know what I mean. Too busy doing "Busy" things. Most of them not all that important. I would like to slow down and enjoy things. Observe things. I miss things. Little things my daughter says and does. What God is saying to me or trying to show me. You can miss a lot of things just being "busy"!

God, please let me slow down to see and hear what you have for me!

I had around 130 pictures to adjust yesterday! That would take a while! Imagine having to open 130 pictures and then adjusting them one by one. I would have been doing that all day. I had heard of batch adjusting before but did not know how to do that. I called my friend Sherry and she walked me through it. It only took around 10 minutes. Only because I left the step for them to be saved out of the action setting. I had to save each one after the computer adjusted them. Still, it didn't take all day! Thanks for your help, Sherry!


Anonymous said...

Water with the sun's reflection?

Anonymous said...

Water on a leaf with the sun's reflection?