Sunday, November 30, 2008

Brian, Mana & Clara the Zebra

I am not much of a football watcher. I am an Alabama fan! I went to the University of Alabama the day after I graduated from high school. No summer break. I enjoyed going to college there. (A little to much! That is why I did not graduate from there! You learn from your mistakes!) Growing up I was an Auburn fan because my family were Auburn fans. I even remember wearing an Auburn sweat shirt in high school. Gasp! Anyway, the University of Alabama gave me an art scholarship so that is were I went. I even had a hand in converting my cousin into an Alabama fan! I don't think her parents were to thrilled with that! I loved going to the games! Watching them on tv doesn't even compare to going to the games. I guess that is why I do not watch them. It just isn't the same. The atmosphere, the people, the food, the half-time show, the excitement. It all comes together for an enjoyable time. I miss going to the games with my friends. I watched the Alabama vs Auburn game Saturday while sitting at the computer. I kept asking Brian what happened. What the score was. I am sure he wished I would have come into the living room and sat down. I watched the last few minutes. That was good for me! They won! I was excited!

Picture of the day...
"Brian, Mana & Clara the Zebra watching the game!"

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